Our objective

Our objective to make you be an actor in the achievement of your holidays.

The experience based on the acquired abilities of Mr Eden, educator, director and instructor ( « Accompagnement par excellence » ) since 2001, enable us to build  a strong professional structure which put our abilities to your service.

  • Adaptability : a special approach and support which allow the holidaymakers to be at the centre of their vacations.
  • Quality of relationships : an attentive listening and a possibility to meet you before and after the trip, in order to better understand your needs.
  • Security : a professional team who ensure all holidaymakers’ integrity by creating a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The desire : our motto «  you should not only desire to give, you should create the desire ».

    High-end « triple » accompanimen – 3 attendats for 3 holidaymakers

    This ideal formula allows us to make the accompaniment even more personalised, but also to quickly confirm the trip and to avoir the doubt about the minimum number of participants.

    With kind regards,

    Yossi Eden